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Why Boston Gem Lab (BGL)?

If your jewelry is lost, stolen or damaged, the replacement value won't be based on what you paid for it or what you feel it's worth.

Your jewelry is insured, but you may not have the coverage you think you have.

The insurance company will use the detailed information contained in a professional appraisal to establish the replacement value.

Without a professional appraisal, you may not get the insurance reimbursement you would be entitled to.

The majority of all appraisals are prepared for insurance purposes. An appraisal isn't just an opinion; it is a detailed determination, based on testing, measurement and careful calculation of the cost to replace or reproduce a piece of jewelry in new condition at current market prices.

Of course, appraisals are valuable for many other purposes as well: price evaluation when buying or selling, estate settlements, and various tax purposes.

The Boston Gem Lab approach is unique: appraisals are done in our customer's presence so that jewelry items always remain in their possession.

Expert Appraisers of Modern, Contemporary, Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Knowing the quality of your jewelry before you buy or sell is absolutely necessary.
Insurance ~ Estate ~ Casual Loss ~ Collateral ~ Comparison ~ Divorce ~ Damage

"Protecting and preventing consumer

fraud through knowledge"