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Reviews and Comments for Boston Gem Laboratory

Client Reviews:

"I bought a brooch from Skinner's Auction House and needed to know the quality. The appraiser at Boston Gem Lab examined the brooch and gave me a detailed description with the history. I also was given copies of similar items that were sold at auctions like Skinner. What piece of mind!"

Brian A., Dover, MA

"I bought the original diamond on line. After a consultation at BGL I returned the item. Gary suggested a diamond house in NYC that would sell to consumers. I bought a diamond, with a GIA cert. and a mounting, both were purchased from wholesalers, I was ecstatic when I saw the completed ring!"

Cynthia H., Milton, MA

"I saw a ring at an estate jeweler recommended by Boston Gem Lab. The emerald and diamonds are beautiful. I have never seen higher quality stones. I love it!"

Susan F., Cranston, Rhode Island

"My Tanzanite earrings were bought on a cruise. I had them appraised by Boston Gem Lab. I was able to return the earrings and get my money back. Thank you for the education."

Linda G., Newton, MA

"I inherited my grandmother's ring and needed to know the quality and value. The information and time the appraiser spent with me gave me an understanding of this valuable heirloom and when the ring was probably made."

Pamela H., Bridgewater, MA

"I bought a Tahitian pearl strand online and I needed to know if they were real. I was told they were cultured with natural colors. The appraisal was very detailed and I felt this item was worth the money. If you are wondering about the price you paid for something, this is the place to go!"

Larry D., Boston, MA

"The 10 page appraisal of my bracelet showed the grading of every stone and I could match the stones to the appraisal. I could not believe the incredible detail. The item was made by de Grisogono, a high-end jeweler in Europe. I felt I could never get this type of appraisal from a jeweler."

Lisa I., Chestnut Hill, MA

"My jewelry was previously appraised by BGL so I called for info regarding yellow diamonds. Gary recommended a NYC diamond house and I was sent two stones. The one I bought was beautiful. Gary gave me a name of a jewelry designer in Boston who would make a ring from a photo. I was thrilled with results!"

Eileen W., Hanover, MA

Detail, Education, Protection