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Sample Appraisal #2:

April 19, 2012

On this day we have examined and appraised the item(s) described below for insurance purposes.

(1) One lady's platinum diamond ring containing:   

one oval brilliant-cut diamond measuring approximately
7.66 x 5.59 x 3.52 mm, weighing approximately
1.00 carat, estimated by GIA formula

Cut Proportions: Good (GIA Class 3B)
Light Performance: Fair (AGS Aset Scope)
Light Analysis:  based on evaluation of brightness, dispersion, leakage and contrast
Diamond Color:  J
Fluorescence: strong
Diamond Clarity: VVS1
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Good
Est. Proportions: total depth 63.0%, table 56%
  crown angle very steep
  crown height 19.7%
  pavilion depth 37.9%
Ratio: length to width 1.37:1
Girdle:  medium to thick
Culet: none
Side Sapphires:
(2) two half-moon shaped faceted natural
sapphires each measuring approximately
4.0 x 4.5 mm, weighing approximately
.65 carat totally
Transparency: transparent 
Color: tone-medium 
  hue-very slightly violetish Blue
Clarity: Type II, Eye-clean (GIA)
Visibility: minor inclusions under 10x
Cut:  Good
  window approx. 20%
  extinction approx. 30%
  color zoning noticeable
  brilliance approx. 60%
  polish-Good, symmetry-Good
Additional Diamonds:
(53) fifty-three round full-cut diamonds each
measuring approximately 1.0 mm in diameter,
weighing approximately .27 carat totally
Avg. Quality Grade: cut-class 2, color-H, clarity-VS2
(42) forty-two round full-cut diamonds each
measuring approximately 1.2 - 1.0 mm in diameter,
weighing approximately .33 carat totally
Avg. Quality Grade: cut-class 2, color-H, clarity-VS2
Combined Total Diamond Weight: 1.60 carats (approx.)
Total Weight: 3.3 DWT
Manufacturing: bright finish, cast-and-assembled,
  prong and pavé set; stamped PT 950
  and trademarked JLJ
Metal Purity: tested
Condition new
Platinum Price: based on $1,574.00 (London market)
  Total Replacement Value:
  applicable taxes additional
   BGL, Graduate Gemologist

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